Cancer Patient Support

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Providing Assistance to Cancer Patients

Coping with the diagnosis of cancer should not be done alone. Kickin’ Cancer in Redwood County believes in helping our neighbors, our friends and our family through this time with both financial and emotional support. We have created initiatives to help aid the burden of financial stress that can occur as a result of your diagnosis.

Cancer patient receiving support in a room full of people.

Blessing Bags

Another initiative we have at Kickin’ Cancer in Redwood County is the Blessing Bags. In an effort to make our neighbors feel the support needed during cancer treatment, we give Blessing Bags. These gifts are available for anyone diagnosed with cancer and lives in or near Redwood County. Blessing bags contain comfort care items and a gift card which can be used for gas or lodging during treatment.

Financial Assistance Program

Our organization works to be the premier financial and emotional resource for cancer patients in Redwood County. Underneath the umbrella of Kickin’ Cancer is our Kickin’ Cancer Support (KCS) program which is an established subsidiary account under Redwood Area Communities Foundation. This financial support program provides cancer patients and their caretakers the ability to apply for up to a $1,500 stipend on an annual basis to aid in living or traveling expenses while going through treatment.

Person making a donation to the Kickin' Cancer Event
A group of cancer patients sitting at a table in front of a building for support.


Whether you have been closely impacted by cancer yourself or looking for a way to give back to your local community, volunteering with Kickin’ Cancer is another great way to provide cancer patient support. There are many tasks at hand that make organizations like ours impactful. It is the hard work and dedication of volunteers that keep our mission moving forward. We welcome you with open arms whether you are looking to help pack blessing bags, assist with our annual event or even become a board member. There is a job, big or small, for everyone.

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