Our History

Kickin’ Cancer in Redwood County is a new name to an old initiative. This nonprofit organization is a subsidiary of Redwood Area Communities Foundation (RACF). Formerly known as American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Redwood County, Kickin’ Cancer has continued to bring energy to these goals with a new, local light. We recognize and appreciate the ample time and effort that individuals put into the Relay for Life organization and are overjoyed to continue these efforts with a focus on raising funds for Redwood County.

As a nonprofit organization, with no affiliation, Kickin’ Cancer in Redwood County is able to designate where the funds collected will be distributed. Majority of the funds will be kept right here in Redwood County with donations to organizations dedicated to cancer research such as American Cancer Society and our local cancer care center. Rather than sending a large portion of the funds to national organizations, we are focused on helping our neighbors, friends and family in and near Redwood County.

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What is Kickin' Cancer in Redwood County?

Kickin' Cancer is a resource to support those with and recovering from cancer with financial and emotional support in and around Redwood County. Our neighbors, friends and family facing a cancer diagnosis, and their caregivers, need a resource where they can find assistance from an organization who understands what they are facing. All of the expenses incurred during cancer treatment can add up. The feeling of being alone on their journey is also a huge part of coping. Kickin' Cancer is here to assist with those needs and offer support to help make our community better.

These Times are Tough, But So are You


Help us continue to be a premier cancer support organization for cancer patients and their caretakers throughout Redwood County.


There are two different initiatives we financially support in our community. Learn more and apply for our financial assistance program and blessing bags.


As a result of generosity from our neighbors, local organizations, we have been able to provide financial support to cancer patients and donations to research.

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