3rd Annual Kickin’ Cancer Event was a Success!

The 3rd Annual Kickin’ Cancer in Redwood County event was held at the Gilfillan Estates in Morgan, Minnesota on July 28, 2023. This event is held to bring together people whose lives have been touched by cancer. We use this time to celebrate life and raise funds to help others get through their cancer battles.

What Happened at the 3rd Annual Event?

The weather was in our favor and the event was a success with over 300 attendees - we raised a little over $15,000 that night alone. In addition to our sponsorships that were given prior, we raised a total of $62,758 with donations collected all year including donations given in memory of family members who have passed.

This year’s event began with an opening ceremony honoring 7 people who have survived cancer followed by a butterfly release. The butterfly release is a time for reflection and provides a time to reflect and remember. We embrace that it means different things to different people. For some, it is a way to remember their loved ones that have passed and a time to reflect. For some, it is to be thankful for those that have fought and won the battle.

Following the opening ceremony and butterfly release, the event featured a live auction, relay, popcorn, games, kids train rides, kids grab bags, ice cream, petting zoo, wine pull and more.


Each year, we honor those who have kicked cancer in our opening ceremony. Survivors are honored by being recognized as well as getting a special survivor t-shirt. At the 2023 event, there were nearly 80 survivors present! Of those 80 survivors, the following 7 were nominated by the area community members and determined by the Kickin’ Cancer Board recognized:

  • DARCEE PEDERSEN Belview - 11 years
  • DARLA LARSEN Walnut Grove - 5 months
  • JANICE BAUNE Wabasso - 4 1/2 years
  • MARGE WEBER Sanborn - 20 years
  • GENE MALECHA Redwood Falls - 17 years
  • SANDY KETTNER Morgan - 2 years
  • TERRY OURADA Lucan - 7 months

Another way survivors are honored and recognized is they are given the privilege of being the first to walk the relay path around the luminaries.

3rd Annual Kickin' Cancer Event


We couldn’t do this without our army of amazing volunteers. Just to do this event it takes many volunteers and we are grateful for every last one of them!

Join Us

It takes a lot to put on this event but there is more work that needs to be done and we need your help to do it. Join us to spread support, both financial and emotional, to those impacted by cancer throughout Redwood County.

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